Chicago-style deep-dish pizza since 1971.
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The “Malnati Chicago Classic” Deep Dish Pizza from Lou Malnati’s (Chicago, IL)

Local pizza chain Lou Malnati’s was shipping pizzas to Belgium Tuesday to showcase Chicago products to help tell the city’s story in advance of the summit in May.

Deep dish isn’t the only good thing on our menu… ;-)

It’s not too late to send loved ones some pizza!

Everyone knows Chicagoans take their pizza seriously. Very seriously. On one side of the ring you have deep-dish disciples who swear by the “authentic,” “home-grown” pies at Lou Malnati’s, while thin-crust fans claimAurelio’s is the place for “real no-nonsense” ’zas. And then you have Jay-Z and Beyonce, who recently waited (stars, they’re just like us!) for “artisanal pizza” at Great Lake.

So, which pizzeria reigns supreme? Take a look at the list from our last survey and see whether you agree. And then make your voice heard by voting – it could win you a $500 “Night on the Town”!

If people move away from Chicago and don’t eat deep dish, they die within 2 years.

Is it lunchtime yet??